Monday, July 30, 2007


I'm worried and feel out of control on my job and don't know what to do. Can Scientology help me with this?

L. Ron Hubbard says in the Basic Book The Problems of Work,
"One of the ways of getting over such a condition is to simply touch or handle one's various tools of the trade and the surroundings in which he works.If a man were to go all the way around an office in which he had worked for years and touch the walls and window ledges and the equipment and tables and desks and chairs...he would feel much better about the entire room."



Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Student Hat Completion

Avalon just completed the Student Hat Course. This course covers the complete technology of how to study any subject effectively. These are the materials one needs to learn in order to study successfully. It provides a full understanding of the barriers to study and how to recognize and fully handle them. Here's Avalon's success story:
"This course was a very long journey and I thought by the time I would reach the end, I wouldn't have learned anything. Well, I was definitely proven wrong. My study technology and my ability to study has improved tremendously and I know I will use this data throughout my life."

Monday, July 23, 2007

Success from a Student

Corinne has completed the Tone Scale Course. Here's her success story,
"This course has helped me in many ways. Before I took this course I found myself in situations where I would be naive and let people walk into my life that were not good for me. Using the tone scale has helped me to spot antagonistic people and catch them before they can take me for granted. I recently had some really great opportunities come to me because of my use of the tone scale. It is a great tool to use in business and other walks of life. What an amazing tool! As a successful person I would recommend this to anyone who needs help getting icky people out of their lives."

Success Through Communication Course

Kelly completed the Success Through Communication course. she says,
"It has helped me have better communication with family members and most importantly it has helped me be a better mother! It has allowed me to communicate with my children in a more positive and effective way. I can now enjoy them more and have a more harmonious relationship with them."

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Auditing completion

Jason just completed an Audited Assist Program. Here's what he had to say:
"Simply put, this assist program helped a lot. I am now able to look towards the future and put a game there - something that I've always enjoyed doing. This has really brought me back to who I am. Thanks to my auditor, C/S and especially Ron - he never ceases to amaze me with the tech he developed."

Grade II Auditing Completion

Delancey has just completed a Confessional and auditing on Grade II. Here're are her wins:
"I loved doing this confessional because it got me to really look and find all the overts and withholds that I was aware and not aware of and completely blew the charge. I feel much freer as a being and I know that my overts and withholds aren't holding me back or causing me to suffer at all. It was great!"

"I really benefitted by doing Grade II. I gained the ability to be cause in my life but also learned that it is okay to let others be cause at times. I got off a lot of things that my attention was stuck on and I'm happy and doing well! I can't wait to do Grade III."


Robert Johnson just completed the "Game of Life" Extension Course. This is a course that includes the Game of Life taped lectures and the Fundamentals of Thought book. Here's Robert's success story:
"In the process of doing this course I discovered very quickly how much I did not know about not-knowing and knowing. As I write this I am still at not-know and need to know more about what there is in Scientology that improves what I need to know to keep my tone level up-scale while dealing with people. Awesome course!!!"



Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Recommended Reading

The Problems of Work

Life is composed of seven-tenths work, one-tenth familial, one-tenth political and one-tenth relaxation. Here, then, is Scientology applied to that crucial seven-tenths of existence.

The Problems of Work contains the senior principles and laws which apply to every endeavor, every problem of work. For they are the discoveries which lay bare the core of these problems and explain the very fabric of life itself.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

How to Improve Relationships with Others

Colleen completed another life improvement course! She is really improving her life this summer - smart girl :) Here's her success:
"This is a totally super fantastic awesome great course. It is helping me in many aspects of life. I am already making new friends, solving and avoiding fights and becoming better friends with my friends. The course has really great data. The two rules for happy living are amazing - and true. I learned so much: ARC, two-way communication, manners - the list is endless."

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Personal Values and Integrity

I have just completed Personal Values and Integrity course and have come to believe that I know what I know is true and right for me. This is because I have been able to take a look at myself and have rid myself of past guilts and personal oppression. I know in my deepest depths that doing the right things for the right reasons just because they're the right things to do is more than just satisfying; it is fulfilling. - R.W.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Teen Week - Great America

Here's a photo of the Teen Week Grand Finale Excursion to Great America!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Kids and Teens Win at the Mission

Kids and Teens are winning this summer at the Palo Alto Mission!
Evanand Natalie are twinning on the TRs and Objectives Co-audit Course.

Alan is having fun on kids auditing with auditor Eric .

Purification Program Completions

Avalon and Liz both completed their Purification Program. Here's what they had to say:
Liz: "So I finished the Purif today! Yay!! I've had so many wins during and after my purif. I found myself being more motivated in life and really looking forward to the future. The toxins in my body always seemed to weigh me down and I would find myself being way too lazy when I really did want to get out there. I'm very excited to get moving!"

Avalon: "I get a better sleep at night, I have more energy and I feel brighter. I had my doubts about how much the Purif was going to help me, but now that I'm done I have realized that it has helped me tremendously."

Introductory Services in Scientology

There are lots of free introductory services that you can do at the Scientology Center. These services will answer questions you have and give you some basic information on the subject. They are fast, free and always available. Introductory services include a tour, a film, personality testing, the bookstore enlightenment system (where you can listen to a recorded lecture by L. Ron Hubbard) and public display panels. Photos show a few of these.