Friday, August 31, 2007

Happiness Rundown auditing

Jenna just completed the Happiness Rundown! This is an auditing action that L. Ron Hubbard developed based on the booklet The Way to Happiness, a nonreligious moral code based on common sense.
Ron says, "The object of the rundown is to clear up any confusions on the subject of morals, any and all transgressions against these specific morals, to slide the person out of the valence of any immoral person and obtain an EP (end phenomena) of a realization that one really is on the Way to Happiness."
Jenna said in her success story, "Before I did this, I would always tell myself that I was going to do things to help myself. They would never happen. Now I feel like I can do everything in order to be as happy as possible."

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Student Hat Completion

Jay has completed the Student Hat Course!
He says," This was a wonderful course! I increased my ability to apply study tech many fold and I now routinely apply it in life. Thanks to all the Palo Alto Mission staff for their patience and help!"

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Success from a Field Staff Member on helping someone with Scientology

I am an FSM (Field Staff Member) for Palo Alto Mission. Recently I was having trouble with a junior at work - I caught him doing some dishonest things that would ordinarily get him fired in any work situation. Instead of firing him, I decided to get him some help by routing him onto the Personal Values and Integrity course at PA Mission. I told him not to come back until he was done with the course and then I'd see if I would hire him back. I chose this particular mission because of the very personal care they were willing to give. Well, two days later he finished the course and came back to me with a BIG change in viewpoint. He had lots of wins and insights - he said his vision went far. I could see he had changed, not only in relation to the job, but I could see the rest of hi life come into order where it had been chaos. So, I let him back on the job, he did TONS better! His sales stats were way up! His tone level was up! He was being honest and straight with me. What a product! This is after only two days! He got it. He is now winning greatly in life. Instead of experiencing a discreditable lose, he is creating great success with his new-found understanding of integrity tech. His life really was saved. He wants to do more services and will be routing onto Success Through Communication Course. This also is a major change. It took me 12 years to get him onto services. Now he WANTS to go. So, I would like to thank PA Mission for delivering excellent service. These people care and they are EFFECTIVE. Their high affinity, reality and communication with their public supporting technical standardness can't be beat. It is so good to be able to depend on this group to come through on their delivery. I see now that I can trust them completely with my selectees! Much much love, Karen

Friday, August 24, 2007


Problem: How do you, without using force, get a child to do things?

Solution: People think that persuasion works with children. It doesn’t. It’s communication that does the trick. You say, “Well, it’s time for you to go to bed now,” and he says, “No.” Don’t stay on the subject. Leave it alone and just talk about something else, “What did you do today?” “Where?” “How?” “Oh, did you? Is that a fact?” “Well, how about going to bed?” and the answer will be “Okay.”

One doesn’t have to use force. Go into communication with the child, and control follows this as an inevitability. Omit control from the beginning when bringing up a child and he who looks to you for a lot of his direction and control is gypped. He thinks you don’t care about him.

For further help on this subject, get the Scientology Handbook Booklet, Children.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Scientology Books - THE BASICS!


A ROCK SOLID BASE The very core of the tech. The foundation upon which all else is build. Now available in its entirety - for the first time ever...
CONCEPT BY CONCEPT You discover answers to the mind, spirit and life. Ron's relentless track of research, breakthrough by breakthrough. all here, all yours...
IT ALL COMES TOGETHER Because this data aligns everything else...
THIS IS THE FUNDAMENTAL KNOWLEDGE OF SCIENTOLOGY And it's yours to the very core of your being...
Contact the Mission to get your sets of Basics Books and Lectures

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Scientology Auditing completion - Grade III!

Delancey completed GRADE III, Freedom Release. This auditing results in the ability gained of "Freedom from the upsets of the past and ability to face the future." Here is her success story,
"I really love going through this grade. Among my many wins, the greatest one that I had was knowing that I can completely and fully face my future knowing that things might change or not always go rihgt but that still, in the end, I would be cause over it and be able to handle whatever it is and move on!"

Win from Scientology Auditing

A Fantastic Win in Session
Today in session, I realized that for a very long time I have been a victim. I'm not going to be a victim to anything anymore! I'm going to be CAUSE from now on!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Relationships - Scientology Solutions

Problem: My relationships are messed up. Even when I really like someone, we always seem to be fighting.
Solution: Next time you have a fight, each of you should take a walk around the block—going in opposite directions. When you meet, you should be feeling friendlier. Continue the walking till you’ve both calmed down.Then to prevent fights in the future, practice good communication skills—really listen to each other and acknowledge what the other person has to say. And actually, the real reason that relationships get messed up is because of secrets between the two of you. So, don’t do something that you wouldn’t want your partner to find out about. You won’t believe the difference.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Scientology Life Improvement - Personal Values and Integrity

Yassini completed Personal Values and Integrity course and says, “In this entire course I have learned that with anything you do there is cause and effect—or before you do anything always think about it then. In order to keep or maintain all the dynamics it is very important. to do what is right for individuals and others and most comes from clear thinking. Finally, through the dealing with the course supervisor, we were able to discuss more. So my success in this course is I’m going to be true to myself and others. It will help me to better my life.”

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Biggest Cognition of my Life!


Today I realized where all my self-invalidating and "not being able" came from. I spotted where I got this invalidation and now I'm not effect of it! I feel great and able! I'm ME again :)


Friday, August 10, 2007

Scientology Auditing - Objectives

Jenna completed her Objectives Program and said,
"This was so superbly cool! I feel more here in the world and more aware of things going on around me. I notice more things and it's soooo cool to see the difference in them! Everything seems new, in a way."

Wins like these on this page are available to you too.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Way to Happiness

The Palo Alto Mission strives to help people lead happier lives. Part of our efforts are directed at seeing that L. Ron Hubbard's common sense non-religious moral code, The Way to Happiness, is well known and distributed to as many people as possible. You can see one of the Public Service Announcements with a Precept from the Way to Happiness in the video clip on the right side of the blog. In our front windows which face El Camino Real, the busiest street in town, we have posted several of the precepts. Our own Robert (pictured above), Artist Extraordinaire, has painted the Way to Happiness logo on the window. Stop by and check it out and consider making a donation of any size to the mission to assist us with getting these valuable booklets out. If you have never read the booklet, we will give you a free copy.

Expanded Objectives Program and Advance Program

Objectives are processes that bring a person into better control of his body and surroundings, put him into better communication with his surroundings and other people, and increase his ability to have things for himself. They bring him into the present away from his past problems.
Avalon completed an Expanded Objectives Program and said, "I feel able to be in present time and really be aware of everything around me. Even though I thought that I wouldn't get tons out of this program, I did. And I feel great! :)
Avalon also completed a full Advance Program as well (a program that gets a person fully ready for full progress in further auditing) and had this to say, "I feel more aware and exteriorized on a daily basis. I feel good and I feel that everything before this point on my Bridge is now fully completed. I feel ready to continue on with my Bridge and continue on with having wins that help my life."

Personal Efficiency Course

Margot (left) and her sister Colleen (right)

Margot completed the Personal Efficiency Course and said, "I have learned many things in this course. One of my favorite things I learned is ARC (affinity-reality-communication). I learned how they're all connected. For example, if my sister and I disagreed on what TV channel to watch, our reality would go down. We would start to argue and our affinity would go down. But, if we started talking and solving our fight, all the corners of the triangle would go up. By knowing all this, I get along (or at least have the ability to) with my sister a lot better.
"I also learned about cycles of action and reviewed the 8 dynamics. I think the most important thing I learned about was auditing. I learned how it's done, why it's done and how it helps a person become happy and successful. I even got to co-audit which ended up being my favorite part of the course...Co-auditing helped me understand auditing and have a lot of fun. I just thought it was so cool that asking simple questions could make a person's tone level go up so quickly.
"I learned a lot and totally and completely enjoyed this course. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone."

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Staff Course Completion

Delancey completed a vital staff course, Staff Status II, which teaches a staff member the basics of organization and how to get products. Delancey says, This course gave me the knowledge and confidence to be a productive and capable staff member. I really learned a lot and I am very excited to be a competent staff member who makes a difference in the world today."

Monday, August 06, 2007


Question: The way things are in the world freaks me out! I feel anxious and afraid of what might happen. What can I do?

Answer: Don’t Read the Newspaper

This is very simple. Don’t read the newspapers for two weeks and see if you don’t feel better.

Then read the newspaper for a week, and at the end of that week you will find you feel worse. Then make up your mind whether or not you ought to pay any attention to the newspapers.

This is proposed as a simple experiment. It isn’t even an expensive experiment — as a matter of fact, it is cheaper not to buy newspapers than to buy them.

This is a simple action, but a very effective one which can markedly change your outlook on life. Give it a shot

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Young Kids Win with Scientology

"My son Alan spent his summer getting auditing with Eric Zylker here at the Palo Alto Mission. He really loved getting his auditing. He really looked forward to it everyday.

The wins he had were great. He said this auditing was the best he has done.

I noticed that he has become more uptone. Since he is the middle child, he was being picked on from both sides. He was stuck in the tone of anger. I noticed he is no longer stuck in that tone. He is more willing to stand up for himself so he is no longer the victim. He has become more willing to do his school work. His ability to read has really improved."

Thank you!

Joan, Mom

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Expanded Objectives Program

Sterling just completed an Expanded Objectives Program. Here's what he had to say:
"Through this program I really gained some abilities and tools that have already helped me in daily life. Mainly, I'm able to be in present time whenever I want to be and be able to be present in the physical universe. This has already helped me and will continue to help me."