Friday, November 26, 2010

Feeling Motivated!

J. M. finished the How to Get Motivated course. He had this to say about it: "I feel awesome. I smashed through this course and I feel like smashing a problem! I enjoyed the simple techniques I learned. I feel MOTIVATED!"

Excited About the Future

A. P. finished a spiritual counseling action. She said "I feel much brighter and happier after this action. I feel more in the present and excited about the future!"

Seeing the World's People as a Team

J. M. had the realization that the world is a team environment. Here are his words "I realized that the world and all its people are a team. It's comprised of many many smaller teams or simply put, small groups of people. I have a deeper understanding of the importance of these groups and how vital they are as a whole. The group is a living thing. It thinks, eats and resolves problems just like you and I. It can be made better to improve or not improve."

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Understanding the Problems of Work

We had another super successful Personal Efficiency Course last Saturday!
This is what our graduates had to say:

"It was good to gain further certainty on this information. I will be able to communicate with my co-workers better and have more control of my tools at work. I also need to use the tools to handle and get rid of exhaustion. I see that it really works, simply and effectively."

"I know how to apply the things I learned in this film (The Problems of Work Film) and it will really help me make my life easier and it's really important to use this information."

"The section of the film about the 'Doctrine of a Stable Datum' helped me to understand why people will believe things that are actually not true and don't really work in their lives (such as "All men are bad"). They just picked that as a stable idea and have been continuing to use that idea. It really clears up a lot about how people act sometimes!"