Monday, December 22, 2008

We wish you a very happy holiday!

All of us at the Palo Alto Mission wish you a very happy holiday and a wonderful new year!

Student learns about Knowlege-Responsibiltiy-Control

J.H. completed the book course on Dianetics: The Evolution of a Science.
Here is his success story: "This course was awesome! It illustrated the Knowledge-Responsibility-Control triangle for me. It gave me knowledge about my mind which gave me more control which gave me the responsibility to use the data and to help others get it."

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Handbook for Preclears Book Course

T.T. completed the Handbook for Preclears Book Course. He says, "I never realized that I've been living with postulates taken on from dead people. I'll be cognizant of postulated that I use which really have not been productive. Thinking and working as who 'I' am now seems more real."

Auditing Win

A.P. finished an auditing program and said, "I actually got a lot out of this program. I feel a lot better and like I am cause over my life."

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Drug Education

H.L. completed a special course on drug education. Here's what he had to say: My favorite part is where it told me what drugs do and how much they could do to you. I'm really happy I did the course because now I know a lot about drugs."

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Grand Opening of the new location for SoMa Mission

Please join us for the Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting for the new location of the SoMa Mission!
Saturday, December 6th at 3:30
566 Folsom Street (between 1st and 2nd)
San Francisco

Self Analysis

M.L. completed the Book Course on Self Analysis. She said," This was a very easy book to understand. It was really cool learning about how to handle certain things that happen in session. Very helpful to me! :)

Milestone One!

M.H. completed the Basics Lectures course on Milestone One. Here's her success story:
"Another terrific Basics course. What a drastic difference from 'the world out there' which is so materialistic. I look forward to the continued route - and to listening to these lectures again in the future."

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Assist Auditing

J.Z. completed an assist auditing program in order to help her recover more rapidly from a recent surgery. She says, "I loved this auditing program I did with Tom. It was so smooth and exactly what I needed. I hadn't realized how solid I had become after the surgery I had and that completely went away! Thank you."

Manager uses The Problems of Work book

R.T. completed the book course for The Problems of Work. She is an Associate Director Client Services and here tells a story of how she applied the information she learned in the book to her management position:
"I have two new staff members so had a meeting to create a new game with my team. The team members created a tool to measure what they handle using Affinity, Reality and Communication daily and promised to share all related data and to recreate the job daily. The agreed to take a walk when they feel burnt out or tired. I let them know this method will work at home too. This is good because they know I support them in start-change-stop cycles at work. We all gave each other a high 5 at the end of the meeting."

Monday, November 17, 2008

Auditing Survey

We are doing a survey to find out how you liked auditing (if you had some). We want to improve our quality and our delivery so your answers are very important to us.

We would like to know:
  • What gains you achieved in your auditing?

  • Did your auditing address the problems you were trying to handle?

  • Did you have any difficulties in auditing?

  • Would you like more auditing?

  • Any other information you think we should have.

Just copy and paste these questions into the body of an email back to us with your answers and send to

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Dianetics study improves understanding

JH completed a course on the book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health. He had this to say about it: "By doing this course I got a much deeper understanding of Dianetics and how to apply it. I also have a better understanding of how the mind works. I can now operate more independently and not be negatively affected by bizarre behavior. I also learned new ways to help people - great course!"

Monday, November 03, 2008

Dianetics frees man from drugs

M.C. completed the New Era Dianetics Drug Rundown, an auditing action which results in freedom from harmful effects of drugs, alcohol and medicine and free from the need to take them. Here is his success story:
"I never knew that simple medications people take can really affect the reactive mind. I'm free of those and handled a lot of issues regarding drugs. There is much less case in the way and I feel freer."

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New Era Dianetics Case Completion!

DP today attested to the completion of New Era Dianetics! New Era Dianetics auditing consists of eighteen separate steps, specific rundowns and actions which address the engrams contained in the reactive mind. With Dianetics auditing procedure, the preclear erases those engrams, nullifying the reactive mind's ability to control the individual unwittingly. One can achieve a well and happy human being through Dianetics auditing.
Here is her success story for the Identity Rundown: "I am myself! This rundown got me to realize some things that I was carrying with me which were not really me. Once I spotted them, they vanished and now I can truly be myself for real! It's awesome!"
Here is her success story for the entire completion of New Era Dianetics: "I achieved so many things throughout this rundown that it is difficult to say it all. But I now know who I am and I have handled a lot of my reactive mind. I am extremely happy and know that my abilities as a thetan can now expand from here on out. I would like to that my auditor, Case Supervisor and Director of Processing for all of their help in getting me through and LRH for this amazing technology."

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Science of Survival Improves Life

RT completed the book course for Science of Survival. She says, "Wow, what a book! The principles in this book allowed to to avoid getting sucked in by a person who was covertly hostile. I recognized it and ended the communication line. It has also helped me with parenting so I no longer use phrases that are potentially harmful to my son. I'll start his auditing fund so he can go up the tone scale. I too plan to get more auditing so I may continue to survive well."

Monday, October 13, 2008

New Era Dianetics Handles Disabilities

DP completed a New Era Dianetics auditing action dealing with things a person feels unable to be or do, The Disability Rundown. Here is her success story: "Although many of the disabilities that I had prior to New Era Dianetics were handled though other rundowns by running incidents, this rundown really ensured that nothing was missed. I now feel confident in my ability to do anything I put my mind to and I know I can succeed at it."

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Confessional Auditing Brings Relief

A confessional is a type of auditing which deals with clearing up overts (transgressions against one's own moral code). It raises a person's cause level because overts are the main reason a person restrains himself and withholds himself from action. Confessional auditing helps the individual straighten out his interpersonal relationships and achieve the maximum spiritual gains from auditing. S.P. completed a confessional this week and said, "This confessional was awesome because it cleared up so many things I had on my mind. It's tough to think of anything now that I have attention on. I feel like I no longer have anything to hide and I just feel good."

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Improving Life with Scientology Books

LG completed the book course for Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought. Here is what she had to say: "I got a lot out of this book. I loved learning about all the different types of valences and actually realized that some people I know are in a valence. This data is very useful and I'm glad I read this book."

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Recovery of One's Education!

In the years following L. Ron Hubbard's breakthrough on the importance of the misunderstood word, he developed a considerable body of technology which enables one to deal with the misunderstood words or symbols he encounters: the subject called Word Clearing. It can be defined as the subject and action of clearing away the ignorance, misunderstoods and false definitions of words and barriers to their use. Method One Word Clearing procedure results in the recovery of ones education. DP just completed Method One Word Clearing! She says, "This was an amazing auditing action because I wasn't reading books or having someone teach me anything, yet through doing the process, I actually did recover a lot of knowledge that I had lost or forgotten in my past education! It's a great feeling of knowingness!"

Monday, October 06, 2008

Soccer Team Wins!

The awesome Palo Alto Power Soccer Team played Sunday in a tournament and won 1st place! Of course!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Way to Happiness Course

J.B. finished The Way to Happiness Course - El curso del Camino a la Felicidad. Here is his success story in English and Spanish:
"Este curso de la felicidad es muy lindo tiene reglas interesantes que hay que seguir. Yo las voy a usar en la vida. Me seinto muy felis porque ahora comprendo mas la vida."
"This happiness course is very pretty with interesting rules that there are to follow. I am going to use them in life. I feel very happy because now I understand more about life. I finally know how to be happy."

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Dianetics: The Evolution of a Science

M.L. completed the book course on Dianetics: The Evolution of a Science. She says, "I had a lot of wins doing this course. I really understand why things happen in myself and can spot things happening in other people and act accordingly. It's so interesting and I learned a lot about the reactive mind."

Monday, September 08, 2008

Miracle with Dianetics

Hi, my name is Jo. I’d like to share an experience that I had at the Palo Alto Mission.
On January 14, 2008 I was at work moving some metal columns. One of the columns shifted and fell. I pulled my hand back, but not fast enough, it was caught. Fortunately only one of the fingers on my right hand was partly amputated. On January
22 I was in surgery for a finger/hand reconstruction. When I came out of recovery it was about 5:30 PM. I was still pretty still doped up and also had a nerve block done on my right arm. I felt no pain, and wasn’t supposed to feel anything till the block wore off at about two AM. This block was pretty interesting because not only could I not feel my arm, I couldn’t move it either. Please keep that in mind.
Of course I couldn’t be left alone after coming out of recovery, so my friend who was going to take care of me for a day or two took me with her down to the Palo Alto Mission, where she and I both studied. The plan was simple: I was going to “
veg” on the couch, while she was on course. If anything happened I could summon someone. As I sat there I recalled and explained as best as I could what the surgeon had done to me to reconstruct my finger. Course I was bandaged up past my elbow, so I couldn’t show anybody. I recall people saying it was amazing what could be done in surgery to correct an injury like mine. Yes, it’s true there are some amazing things surgeons can do. But read on and let me tell you how the body is even more amazing.

Robin, who is on staff, asked me if I wanted to have a touch assist. I had been told about assists. The procedure had been explained, but I’d never had one. The process is simple. To my way of thinking maybe a little too simple to do any good, but I agreed to the assist. I sat in a chair and closed my eyes, while Robin asked me to feel her finger. Then she would touch me with her finger on my foot, I would say ok when I felt her touch me, then she would repeat the command to feel her finger. Again after the command she touched my other foot and I acknowledged the touch. Again and again she repeated the command and touched me. My head, my knees, my shoulders, my feet, my elbows, and finally she moved to my back. As Robin worked this process down my back she touched one side then the other. When she touched the left side I acknowledged her touch, but when she touched my right side I made involuntary movements. It was like when the doctor hits your knee cap with the little rubber hammer when he checks reflex, you can’t help it, and you automatically kick. Every time Robin touched my right side, which was the injured hand side, I jumped. Robin asked me if it tickled, but it didn’t, it didn’t hurt either. It just made me jump, but the left side didn’t do that. After about 15 minutes, we were done and I went back out to the couch. It was about 8:30 PM, six hours before the block was supposed to wear off.
At 8:43 my thumb twitched, and I could move my fingers (the ones not wrapped up). Then I could feel my fingers, within five minutes, my whole arm and hand was fully live. I was in great pain, because I had taken no medication to counter the pain, because this wasn’t supposed to happen till 2AM. Needless to say, I was taken home quickly and I took my medication.
Truly the amazing thing is that my body realized that it was out of communication with itself, or at least something wasn’t operating normally, and it realized it needed to be corrected, and it did it. I thought through this simple procedure of a touch assist my body was put back in contact with itself, found the circuits that weren’t in contact and did a reconnection. Absolutely amazing!
Thanks to all those that worked with me, and provided assists, this is one skeptic who has had her eyes opened.
Thanks again.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Self Analysis

S.P. completed the book course on Self Analysis and says, "This course was amazing because having read all the process and doing some myself I feel like I have a much better understanding on how powerful these processes are. Overall, a great course and I can't wait to use it in life."

Seminar on Wood Working

Tom Sprayberry is a self-taught woodworker who turns beautiful wooden bowls. He is giving a seminar on how he used Scientology technology to help him in this art. Saturday at 12:30 - Bring your lunch and learn!

Positive Influence

M.H. completed the book and lecture course on Advanced Procedure and Axioms. She says, "This course is having a definite positive influence on my case. I'm totally looking forward to the next course which I know will expand the changes further."

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Relief from Hostilities and Sufferings of Life

A.P. completed Scientology Grade II. This grade has as its ability gained "Relief from the Hostilities and Sufferings of Life."
Here is her success story: "This grade has made a huge difference in my life. I feel at cause over many areas in my life for the first time. I feel amazing and free from the sufferings of life. Overall, I feel more like me. I feel more capable than ever."

A Family Wins with Scientology

Two sisters and a brother are all doing Scientology services at the Palo Alto Mission this summer. All three of them completed a different service today.
D.P. finished the book and lecture course for Advanced Procedure and Axioms/Thought Emotion and Effort. She said, "I loved this course! I learned how important it is to make life a game and to not be serious. I also am now able to be more at cause over all eight of my dynamics due to the knowledge I gained."
S.P. finished the book and lecture course for Science of Survival and said, "I'm really excited to hae finally finished this course because it has such good data in it that is applicable to daily life. Now that I'm going to college all the variety of tones at school will be fun to spot. I feel confident that I will be able to take their characteristics on certain columns and therefore know more about their overall ton."
A.P. completed a Confessional Auditing Action and said, "This was amazing! I feel so much better about myself and other areas of my life. I feel very clean. I really enjoyed doing this confessional and handling everything that came up."

Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Way to Happiness Graduation

The Palo Alto Mission Way to Happiness for Kids program finished up today with a fabulous graduation for all the kids. Many parents and siblings attended and the kids had a great success! Check out these success stories from the kids:
Dario - The Way to Happiness Club rocks!!!!! I'd love to have other kids be in this class.
Aaron - The class rocked! I loved demonstrating the examples.
Harrison - My favorite part is when we do practical stuff!
Francesca - I leaned what I should not and what I should do to make life fun!
Mailen - I love the Way to Happiness Club :)
Victoria - I love how many uptone people there are here cuz I do homeschooling so I don't meet a lot of people. I would love to see everyone at the meetings.
Daniel - This course was really fun and I learned a lot. This pilot program is a great way to learn about The Way to Happiness.
Hunter - I like to be happy so I can live better.
Giovanni - I like to read The Way to Happiness
To find out more about The Way to Happiness book, visit the website.

How to Create Income Using the Internet - Seminar

Reilly Sweetland started Internet in early 2003 out of his house as the sole employee. He is 95% self-taught in web-technologies (the remaining 5% in technology-related classes at Santa Clara University). Through word of mouth, Reilly grew Internet Simplicity from a small home based business to a team that now consists of approximately a half dozen individuals and services over 150 business with their web technology needs. Prior to Internet Simplicity, Reilly was involved in sales and marketing in both technical and non-technical fields. Having worked for and been on the front lines of companies introducing their products and services to potential customers, he has gained insight into what makes a company’s marketing processes successful, and what customer service really means.
Reilly delivered a fabulous seminar today at the Palo Alto Scientology Mission. He went over how to create income using the internet and enlightened the group on marketing basics, using social media, creating valuable content and maximizing search engine results. The insights that he gave us were priceless. Check back at the blog for further seminars by Reilly. You can go to his website for more information about him and what he does.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Financial Success

D.F. completed the Life Improvement Course, Financial Success. Here's what he has to say: "Just completing something is for me a great win. I also have gotten formulas that I can use that have given me hope for fixing what was out in my life."

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought

M.L. completed Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought book course and says, "This course was amazing because it really gave me the true data on what goes on with the reactive mind. It has made me feel completely cause over life and my reactive mind. It was also really cool learning about postulates and made life seem a lot easier and fun!"

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

R.J. completed the Book and Lecture Course on Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health. Here is what he has to say about it:
"I feel that I have learned more about the human mind than ever considered by me prior to this course. I recommend this course for all mankind and that is still just a beginning."

Monday, July 28, 2008

The Dynamics of Money

D.F. completed the Life Improvement Course, The Dynamics of Money. He says, "Wow! No boundaries! I feel like I have acquired a new relationship to money and my ability to have and/or not have it without all the stress."

Last Weekend's Seminars

Last weekend we had two really fun seminars happen. Thought you'd get a kick out of seeing the photos. First, Janet Hanson did a seminar on Pet Care. Here is Janet with her bird.

Second, the Kids' Way to Happiness Pilot course learned about supporting a government run by all the people . They elected a president! Here is a photo of the children with their flags.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Life Improvement Course

Benny completed the Life Improvement Course, Improving Conditions in Life. He says, "by taking this course, I've learned that there is a sequence of steps that we must take to take ourselves from one level to the next, whether in business, personal life, or what-have-you. I found this course very meaningful because it teaches you how to figure out where you are in life in a particular area. The concepts can help you achieve success in whatever you wish to apply it to."

Monday, July 21, 2008

Children's Communication Course

A.R. and N.W completed the Children's Communication Course! The Children’s Communication Course provides the basics on communication so that children learn how to communicate well and make themselves fully understood. A child who can communicate is at cause!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Eight bright-eyed kids had a complete blast learning the first few precepts of The Way to Happiness. They learned about taking care of themselves and each one got a little kit with a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap and a washcloth. Here are some great photos of how happily and immediately this precept got applied! (This was done on their own origination!)


Cindy, the Mission Holder, completed the ENTIRE BOOKS AND LECTURES COURSES!!! She says. "I am SO happy to have had the opportunity to study all this great Scientology information in chronological order with such perfect copies of the books, such perfect reproduction of the lectures by L. Ron Hubbard and such perfect glossaries and transcripts. It made study a pure joy and very easy. I have had so many wins with this material - my entire life has changed, honestly. Don't wait. Don't go slowly. Do your Basics Courses now!"

Dianetics: The Evolution of a Science

A.P. completed the book course on Dianetics: The Evolution of a Science. She had this to say: "I learned a lot from this course. I feel like I am more in control. I have more knowledge of how the mind works. I really enjoyed this course."

Book and Lecture course completion

E.Z. completed the Book and Lecture course on Handbook for Preclears and Life Continuum. He says, "What I learned from this course is don't grab any life continuums. Be self-determined. Watch my postulates and if I need to change them, I can change them. I can get out of 'maybe' and inaction and just DO something. It really got me able to handle things on my own and made me more self-determined in handling my own case. I'm more at cause."

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Solutions to Work Problems

Benny completed the Basic Book Course on The Problems of Work. He had this to say: "I had been introduced to the concepts taught in the Problems of Work book when I hired a consultant for my old optometry office. A lot of the information seemed very relevant and the application of the concepts really improved how my business has run. After taking this course, I feel that I am more prepared to tackle whatever problems I may come across at work. The concepts are fun and simple but very easy to apply to just about any situation out there."

Success Through Communication

Nancy completed the Life Improvement Course, Success Through Communication. She says, "This course has helped me to listen to all the information being given to me and to completely be there through the whole communication. I feel not only have I learned the proper way to communicate with others, I've learned the importance of listening. I can see how this can help me in everyday life situations. I'm ready to apply everything I've learned and share with others. People around me have already acknowledged a difference in me and I'm happy to say I notice it too. I'm ready for more!"

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Command of Theta course

Donna completed the lecture course for the series Command of Theta. Here is her success:
"The more that I do the Basics in order, the clearer all this data becomes. It's like all this unconsciousness is coming off and I really understand this data. I understand what I'm doing when I create things in my own universe and why it is so important for me to go out and do stuff in the physical universe, the universe I share with others. I also totally got that the doingness cycles are meant to be the fun stuff about living and with what I know about Be, Do and Have, I need to work on the doingness and produce 'stuff' so I got something to exchange so I can do more really fun stuff. Thanks to everyone who helped me here at the Mission and to Ron for all this data in spite of the seemingly impossibility of getting it."

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Philadelphia Doctorate Course

Tom, the Senior Case Supervisor at the Mission, completed the Philadelphia Doctorate Course. Here's what he has to say: At the end of 1952 L. Ron Hubbard delivered a course that changed thetan-kind for ever. The material he discovered and made available changes one's viewpoint, attitude and beingness. You cannot do this course without realizing what your full potentials are. You can't do this course without changing forever."

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Family Wins

Marta (on left with Shayna) has disseminated the data of Scientology technology to her family and now her cousin is studying Scientology books. He has had some amazing wins. Here is the latest, from reading and using the book Self Analysis:
"Now more than ever I'm determined... I feel good about knowing I'm a really good person! So yes, this is an adventure. I'm ready and willing... Thanks again for all this data. For now I must concentrate on getting to know myself. Improving myself to my fullest potential. And then I'll help others. Now I am concentrating on auditing myself with L. Ron Hubbard doing the auditing."

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


For a very limited time, the Palo Alto Mission is delivering a special pilot program - a kid's version of The Way to Happiness!! This is an abridged and simplified edition of the popular booklet especially for young readers. Please call for more details.