Thursday, August 28, 2008

Self Analysis

S.P. completed the book course on Self Analysis and says, "This course was amazing because having read all the process and doing some myself I feel like I have a much better understanding on how powerful these processes are. Overall, a great course and I can't wait to use it in life."

Seminar on Wood Working

Tom Sprayberry is a self-taught woodworker who turns beautiful wooden bowls. He is giving a seminar on how he used Scientology technology to help him in this art. Saturday at 12:30 - Bring your lunch and learn!

Positive Influence

M.H. completed the book and lecture course on Advanced Procedure and Axioms. She says, "This course is having a definite positive influence on my case. I'm totally looking forward to the next course which I know will expand the changes further."

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Relief from Hostilities and Sufferings of Life

A.P. completed Scientology Grade II. This grade has as its ability gained "Relief from the Hostilities and Sufferings of Life."
Here is her success story: "This grade has made a huge difference in my life. I feel at cause over many areas in my life for the first time. I feel amazing and free from the sufferings of life. Overall, I feel more like me. I feel more capable than ever."

A Family Wins with Scientology

Two sisters and a brother are all doing Scientology services at the Palo Alto Mission this summer. All three of them completed a different service today.
D.P. finished the book and lecture course for Advanced Procedure and Axioms/Thought Emotion and Effort. She said, "I loved this course! I learned how important it is to make life a game and to not be serious. I also am now able to be more at cause over all eight of my dynamics due to the knowledge I gained."
S.P. finished the book and lecture course for Science of Survival and said, "I'm really excited to hae finally finished this course because it has such good data in it that is applicable to daily life. Now that I'm going to college all the variety of tones at school will be fun to spot. I feel confident that I will be able to take their characteristics on certain columns and therefore know more about their overall ton."
A.P. completed a Confessional Auditing Action and said, "This was amazing! I feel so much better about myself and other areas of my life. I feel very clean. I really enjoyed doing this confessional and handling everything that came up."

Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Way to Happiness Graduation

The Palo Alto Mission Way to Happiness for Kids program finished up today with a fabulous graduation for all the kids. Many parents and siblings attended and the kids had a great success! Check out these success stories from the kids:
Dario - The Way to Happiness Club rocks!!!!! I'd love to have other kids be in this class.
Aaron - The class rocked! I loved demonstrating the examples.
Harrison - My favorite part is when we do practical stuff!
Francesca - I leaned what I should not and what I should do to make life fun!
Mailen - I love the Way to Happiness Club :)
Victoria - I love how many uptone people there are here cuz I do homeschooling so I don't meet a lot of people. I would love to see everyone at the meetings.
Daniel - This course was really fun and I learned a lot. This pilot program is a great way to learn about The Way to Happiness.
Hunter - I like to be happy so I can live better.
Giovanni - I like to read The Way to Happiness
To find out more about The Way to Happiness book, visit the website.

How to Create Income Using the Internet - Seminar

Reilly Sweetland started Internet in early 2003 out of his house as the sole employee. He is 95% self-taught in web-technologies (the remaining 5% in technology-related classes at Santa Clara University). Through word of mouth, Reilly grew Internet Simplicity from a small home based business to a team that now consists of approximately a half dozen individuals and services over 150 business with their web technology needs. Prior to Internet Simplicity, Reilly was involved in sales and marketing in both technical and non-technical fields. Having worked for and been on the front lines of companies introducing their products and services to potential customers, he has gained insight into what makes a company’s marketing processes successful, and what customer service really means.
Reilly delivered a fabulous seminar today at the Palo Alto Scientology Mission. He went over how to create income using the internet and enlightened the group on marketing basics, using social media, creating valuable content and maximizing search engine results. The insights that he gave us were priceless. Check back at the blog for further seminars by Reilly. You can go to his website for more information about him and what he does.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Financial Success

D.F. completed the Life Improvement Course, Financial Success. Here's what he has to say: "Just completing something is for me a great win. I also have gotten formulas that I can use that have given me hope for fixing what was out in my life."

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought

M.L. completed Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought book course and says, "This course was amazing because it really gave me the true data on what goes on with the reactive mind. It has made me feel completely cause over life and my reactive mind. It was also really cool learning about postulates and made life seem a lot easier and fun!"