Thursday, October 29, 2009

Learning To Help Others With Their Problems

D. W. completed the Dianetics: The Original Thesis book course. She said: "Well here I am back at the beginning again.

I just really understand this data much more than I ever did. I know how to at least avoid or minimize getting keyed in for myself and for others around me and why that's so important for the survival of all of us. I know why the necessity level works and it also explains why I love to fly, work with electricity, play with fire (welding) and drive cars really fast (when I can). Just exteriorizing a person's attention from their own interior problems works wonders and for me too!

Anyway, thanks to Ron for all of this data and to everyone here who helps keep this place here for thetans [immortal spiritual beings; the human soul] like me."

Fully Competent With Dianetics

T. S. finished the Hubbard Dianetic Auditor course. He says about it: "This was actually incredible. I've been auditing for over 30 years and have audited alot of people.

With the data and techniques contained on this course, I am now fully competent and relaxed about auditing Dianetics."

No Trouble With Past Upsets

T.C. finished the auditing action Expanded Grade III, which frees a person from the upsets of the past and gives them the ability to face the future. Here are his gains: "I've been feeling better the past few weeks and was thinking how past upsets didn't matter and I've been realizing that it's important to grant others beingness at whatever reality point they are at and just keep communicating and increase the understanding, then help them on a gradient. It seems all the grades build on each other and each new one helps the prior grades expand for me in wins."

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Troubles and Worries Lessened

T.T. completed the Philadelphia Doctorate Course lectures and Scientology 8-8008 book. Here are his successes: "I definitely took off some charge after thinking about just making myself "bigger" by giving myself more space. I find that a lot of troubles and worries I may have seem very trifle now.

I think that making good postulates [conclusions, decisions or resolutions made by the individual himself] are important now. Some of the counter effort has come off. When I just think of the postulate away from flows and energy, it gives me more belief now that I can achieve certain things that I previously doubted prior to this course."

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dealing With Others Better

H.Z. finished the Evolution of a Science course. He had this to say about the course: "I learned about the reactive mind [that part of the mind which works on a totally stimulus-response basis, which is not under a person’s volitional control] and theory and practice of controlling/predicting it. [I gained]:

- Better control of my reactive mind

- Better [in] dealing with others - patience, endurance

- New perspectives on behavior."

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Excited About Life

T.M completed Life Repair auditing. This is auditing designed to bring a lot of brightness back into a person's life and help him or her to relieve past upsets in life so that the future is beautiful. Here is what he has to say about his experience: "I feel excited and enthusiastic about life, and that my life is on a good track. I feel that I understand life much better, and that I can handle different situations much better than before, so that I can keep it on track much better in the future."

Command of Theta Completion

M.H completed the Command of Theta lectures course. She said this about the course: "This course produces results similar to Upper Levels auditing. Maybe there's a special quality of the exteriorzation [the state of the spirt being outside his body ], seems that way anyway.
The data helps you unravel and end cycle on gnarly stuff!"

Communicating Better

J.H. finished Expanded Grade 0, which frees a person from any blocks the person has in the area of communication. These are her wins: "This Grade was so crazy! I had a time crunch and I caught myself trying to rush through things and move faster. I realized that I could still go fast while actually gaining. I did this and got SO much done in a very short time. My wins kept getting bigger and bigger and I totally surprised myself. I feel so good about it all!"

Life Changing Course

JB finished the Milestone One lectures course. He had this to say about it "This was a GREAT! course but the thing that made it even better was that I had tons of realitizations about my life and myself that changed me greatly. Big time change! Thanks, Ron!"

Monday, October 05, 2009

The Route to Infinity

J.H. finished The Route to Infinity lecture series. She says: "I learned that raising ARC [Affinity, Reality and Communication: the components of understanding] and cause across my dynamics [the eight urges, drives or impulses of life] is a gradual rise and key to that is finding and getting off overts [harmful acts] against those dynamics. Otherwise one just refuses to rise for fear of doing more harm than good."