Saturday, July 10, 2010

Gaining Hope For A Beautiful Future

J.H. finished the Command of Theta lecture series. She said about it: "Mr. Hubbard continues to clearly define the capabilities and nature of human spirt, and the unthinking existence of the material universe, in terms of me and my friends and my body (and theirs), and pretty soon that material universe just fades into less and less importance and I get more and more hope for a truly endless and beautiful future. In fact, knowledge is power, isn't it? My thanks to Mr. Hubbard for the data and the Mission for making it available to study."

Thinking In A More Direct Way

J.H. completed the Technique88/Source Of Life Energy book and lectures course. She said this about the course: "Mr. Hubbard really goes all out in this book and lectures course, and I found my own considerations and thoughts becoming much simpler and more direct. And I'm less hung up on the body and this lifetime as an "end" in itself. I love the idea of disagreeing now - never really understood what this meant before. Sure makes the environment look a bit batty though! Thanks Mr. Hubbard and the Palo Alto Mission."

Sunday, July 04, 2010

More Free and Certain As A Person

M.C. finished New Era Dianetics (NED) spiritual counseling. He had this to say: "I just finished NED. This was really great and handled a lot of charge. Each rundown was great and I'm a well and happy person. I cannot say enough to really explain, but I became more free and more myself. I am more stable as a spiritual being and more certain!."