Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Changing Ideas About Work

R. T. had a Dianetics Counseling Session and had this to say about it: "I was amazed how Dianetic counseling lead to new realizations related to work. I know I need to work with many people vs. being sequestered as an owner/operator in a retail business. I thrive when I am able to move about within an organization establishing multiple communication lines. I enjoy managing projects through the planned cycle of action. Everyone should try Dianetic Counseling as you never know what insight you may gain if you don't."

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Able To Handle Conditions in Life

L. J. finished the "Formulas for Living" course. Here are her wins: "I just completed the course "Formulas for Living." I feel that I now have a good understanding of personal statistics and the importance of pursuing abundance. No matter what condition I may inhabit, I am confident that I can handle that condition by employing the correct condition formula and following it in its entirety. I feel more confident that I can handle any future power changes that may come my way."

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Gaining the Ability to Handle Any Problem

L. J. finished the How to Achieve Self Confidence course. She says: "After completing this course, I feel confident that I can confront any problem and tackle it in an effective manner. I know that the key to happiness is high productivity or industriousness, so I will always try to be industrious."

Applying the Data Brings Good Results

C. O. finished the Formulas for Living course. He had these wins: "I loved this course and learned how to apply conditions in a real way with my business.

I have already been applying the data and can see steady good results."

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Being in Control of Daily Life

J. M. finished the Handbook for Preclears/Life Continuum course. He had these wins: "There are so many mental pitfalls that can happen in daily life. I've just learned more about them. In being more aware, I have more control. Simple!"

Gaining the Ability to Operate with Responsibility

J. H. finished the course Advanced Procedure and Axioms. He had this to say: "I enjoyed this course! One of the key changes I experienced was an expanded ability to operate from a viewpoint of responsibility - this applies to all aspects of life."

Loving Life

R. T. finished the Formulas for Living course. She had these wins: "The Formulas for Living Course helped me recognize I was in a condition of Non-Existence at work because this was a brand new post. I applied the condition by taking my Client to lunch and that raised our Affinity, Reality and Communication. I am suddenly receiving recognition and am known as the go to person to get things done. The acknowledgement is right on time and was noted on my annual review. I received a higher percent than expected. I am headed towards abundance and am loving life more because I see the condition of things and apply the simple steps."

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Knowing How To Create a Successful Marriage

R. S. finished the Creating a Successful Marriage course. He said this about the course: "There is some very important material on this course and Lord knows, I'm gonna need it.

I'm thankful I've got all this knowledge under my belt. Thanks again big guy! Much love Mr. Hubbard."

Making Problems Become Smaller

J. M. finished the Setting and Achieving Your Goals course. He had some big wins to share: "I thought this course was awesome. I feel like my problems just became smaller. We all tend to think things are hard. This course helped me look at something hard and figure a way to make it easy. THANK YOU!! THANK YOU MR. HUBBARD!!"

Getting Relief from Unhappiness

A. T. finished the Self Analysis Book course. He had these wins to share: "This course changed the way I think about interpersonal relationships. I also think Self Analysis is a really cool way that I could improve my mental abilities and I think I could use it as a way to get relief from some unhappiness by myself for free."

Generating Self-Confidence

J. M. finished the How To Achieve Self-Confidence course. He had this to say about it: "I liked this course because it taught me points on how to generate self-confidence. We often confuse it with outside sources but it is definitely not."