Sunday, January 30, 2011

Knowing How To Create a Successful Marriage

R. S. finished the Creating a Successful Marriage course. He said this about the course: "There is some very important material on this course and Lord knows, I'm gonna need it.

I'm thankful I've got all this knowledge under my belt. Thanks again big guy! Much love Mr. Hubbard."

Making Problems Become Smaller

J. M. finished the Setting and Achieving Your Goals course. He had some big wins to share: "I thought this course was awesome. I feel like my problems just became smaller. We all tend to think things are hard. This course helped me look at something hard and figure a way to make it easy. THANK YOU!! THANK YOU MR. HUBBARD!!"

Getting Relief from Unhappiness

A. T. finished the Self Analysis Book course. He had these wins to share: "This course changed the way I think about interpersonal relationships. I also think Self Analysis is a really cool way that I could improve my mental abilities and I think I could use it as a way to get relief from some unhappiness by myself for free."

Generating Self-Confidence

J. M. finished the How To Achieve Self-Confidence course. He had this to say about it: "I liked this course because it taught me points on how to generate self-confidence. We often confuse it with outside sources but it is definitely not."