Sunday, April 04, 2010

Bringing The Data of Dianetics Together

D. W. finished the Dianetics Professional Course lectures. Here is what she said about them: "This course had a whole lot of surprises for me. Mr. Hubbard is not going over old data again - it's like getting it in a whole new dimension, sort of like the difference in viewing something in black and white and two dimensions and then viewing it in color and three dimensions. This course is the best data and summary of Dianetics and it really brings it all together. Thanks, Mr. Hubbard for the data and to everyone here for being here."

Increasing One's Abilities

T. S. finished The First International Congress of Dianeticists and Scientologists . He explains his wins this way: "This was Great! One can increase his own abilities to operate as a spiritual being by applying the concepts in this series.

Also personally, my space increased just from doing this course

A Better Understanding of Life

A. P. finished the Science of Survival book and lectures course. She had these wins with the course: "I have a better understanding of life and emotional levels and how to find where people are on the emotional scale. I feel much better about understanding and working with people."

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Success in Life

R. T. completed Life Repair spiritual counseling. This is designed to bring a lot of brightness back into a person's life and help him or her to relieve past upsets in life so that the future is beautiful. Here are her wins: "I have gained so much through Life Repair that it is hard to just share one success.

It has brought me closer to my son and freed me of my usual rushed and red face of hurry up or we'll be late. My son used to ask me if "I had my coffee" so I could return to present time. The biggest success is at work. I intended to get a position that I was told I could not have because someone else was going to be placed. That story did not have an impact on me because I knew it was something I could have without any negativity. Needless to say, I got the position. Eric is a fantastic Counselor and I highly recommend everyone do Life Repair. It is only the tip of the iceberg! More to come... "

Knowing One's Capabilities and What The Futre Holds

S.N.P completed The Route to Infinity lectures course. He said "This course was really good to finish as it covered a few very important topics. Specifically, I learned more about Cause and Effect, Beingness, Technique 80 and more which gave me a little more knowledge, not only about myself, but what I'm capable of and what the future holds."