Saturday, June 26, 2010

Feeling Better Physically

M. C. finished a spiritual counseling action. He said this: "I've just finished the Prepared Assessment Rundown. Really feeling good after this one! This really handled the charge regarding the body and physical and emotional force. By the end of it, I found that there isn't much that can scare me or be much of a threat physically. I just have to laugh at it all."

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Using Data Learned

D. W finished the 1st International Congress of Dianeticists and Scientologists lectures. She said this about them: "This was really interesting - like so much stuff I hope I can remember it all but somehow I will because I can use it. As I learn this stuff, it's an understanding in a whole new range and I keep getting more and more aware. Thanks, Mr. Hubbard, for all of this data!"

Applying Data Learned To Life

J.B. finished the History of Man/Technique 88 book and lectures course. He said this: "Great Stuff! It has even helped me in my spiritual counseling. The stuff I learned I have applied in life and really found some interesting things. Thanks to Mr. Hubbard for it all!"

Becoming a Good Worker

A.P. finished Staff Status 1, a basic step in becoming as staff member. She had this to say: "I feel more confident on my knowledge of a Scientology Organization. I know the basics of being a good staff member."

Enjoying Helping Others

M.H. is using Dianetics to help others and is enjoying it. She had these wins: "It is a pleasure to help another both using Dianetics and Self Analysis. This is what I always needed, a gradient that I could confront and win using, without the added factors of a meter and work sheets. It's great seeing the person I'm helping recover data."