Saturday, April 26, 2008

Dianetics Books and Lectures Course

Sterling completed the course on Dianetics Book and Lectures course and says, "This course was really awesome to say the least. I've never read this book before and I'm glad that the first time I did was the actual one that L. Ron Hubbard intended us to read. It was especially awesome to see how he came upon Dianetics, the principles and axioms which he later used to found Scientology. I'm really glad I read this book because now I feel like I have a solid base for the rest of my basics and Bridge."

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Photography Seminar

Please join us for this week's Saturday Seminar at 12:30. Bring your lunch and learn! This week we have a seminar in the Aesthetics Series on Art and Communication through Photography. Professional Photographer and long time Scientologist, Jeff Hosier, will deliver this hands-on seminar. Bring your camera and get some tips from a pro.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Life Repair Auditing

Dennis completed Life Repair auditing and had this to say, "Wow! I'm facing every thing. My head (or I am) is out of the sand. I feel a real knowingness of playing this game that I was not sure of before. I will be changing some more of the games I've been playing. Thank you Eric (Dennis' auditor)." Pictured at right with his auditor, Eric, and being silly in a tree.

Dennis also completed the Fundamentals of Thought Book Course. Here's his success story: "Wow! Great win! ARC (Affinity, Reality and Communication) I have in many areas of my life. I have increased communication."

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Scientology Books Courses Completions

Roni completed the book course on Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health. Here is her success story: "I cannot believe the change that I have noticed in all aspects of my life. I have been able to apply the principles with my daughter, my work and clients. My relationships have improved and I have been at cause in my own life."
Joellen completed the book course on Self Analysis and says, "I can use and apply the principles and data that I learned in Self Analysis to survive. By running lists either alone or with someone else I can bring myself higher up on the tone scale, improve memory, reduce pain or any number of positive things."

Saturday, April 12, 2008

New Era Dianetics Win

Delancey (at right with her auditor Tom) completed a New Era Dianetics rundown, the Drug Rundown. This is auditing which resolves the factors in the reactive mind related to drugs, medicines and alcohol, eradicating not only the unwanted aftereffects of these substances, but even reactive forces that initially led one to turn to drugs. The harmful effects of drugs on the mind are erased and a person is freed from any compulsion to take drugs. Here is her success story: "I haven't taken very many drugs this lifetime but this rundown cleaned up any and everything that was still there as a result of drugs! Now I know they won't affect me in my future auditing and that's a good feeling :)"

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


On Saturday April 12th, we will present a seminar in the Dynamics Series on Indoor Gardening. This seminar will be given by Cindy Feshbach and Tom Sprayberry. They both have tremendous success in caring for indoor plants and can educate you so you have wins growing beautiful plants for your home and your office. Feel free to bring a houseplant and they'll show you how to care for it and give you some little known tips.

Personal Values and Integrity

Marietta completed the Personal Values and Integrity Life Improvement® Course. Here is her success story:
"In the course of going through concepts on personal integrity and values, I have learned to let go of false concepts that are detrimental to my well-being. I have gone up from apathy to above anger on the tone scale in the span of 2 months. I consider this as an experience in self-discovery - knowing myself better and what I am capable of. It sure has been a learning experience."

Monday, April 07, 2008

Scientology Bookstore

Please visit our on-line Scientology Bookstore to purchase basic Scientology and Dianetics books. It's an easy way for you to order books or refer a friend to order books. Check it out:

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Seminar by the Web Wizard

April 5th—Reilly Sweetland, The Web Wizard.

Learn how to use the internet personally and for dissemination from a total pro. Learn how to make a personal blog, how to create a website and get your questions answered.

Bring your laptop if you have one.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Grade IV Completion!

Expanded Grade IV, Ability Release: The auditing processes of this Grade enable the person to view himself in relation to all life and free himself from any patterns of thought and action which, while seeming to promote one's survival, in reality, do any but. When one moves out of fixed conditions, he can experience a huge resurgence in the ability to choose, partake in and enjoy new activities. Moving out of fixed conditions and being able to do other things is attained at Expanded Grade IV. Delancey, Mission Staff Member, completed this Grade and here is her success story: "This was an amazing auditing action, While each grade gave me a newly regained skill and awareness of myself and the wold around me, Grade IV far surpassed the gains of all the others. I now am aware of the fixed conditions I was in so I can be free of them. I am also more confident of my own abilities to do things and don't need to justify my actions. And it feels great!"

Grade II Completion

Scientology Expanded Grades consist of a series of auditing processes which restore to the individual specific abilities and lay a strong foundation for more advanced auditing. Expanded Grade II is also called "Relief Release" because the auditing on this level brings relief to a person from the hostilities and sufferings of life. Shayna, Mission Staff Member, completed Grade II! Here is her success story:
"Wow! This has been a new look at life and I feel able to really look and reach. My abilities are so much more freed up :) Thanks to all who helped and especially The Man, L. Ron Hubbard!"