Saturday, June 27, 2009

Winning with Dianetics Auditing

AP has been receiving some Dianetics auditing and wrote this success story:
"New Era Dianetics auditing has been such an adventure for me even though I just started. Every day I've gone back and found some postulate that has still affected my life today. It has been amazing and I love it!"

Assist Auditing Program

JH completed an assist auditing program and says, "This program was wild! I now have a much higher level of ARC for myself and much higher respect for my abilities. I have recovered from something that many people never recover from fully. I know that if they did fully recover from incidents similar to mine, they would be much improved beings. I had never experienced Dianetics auditing before. It is unbelievable in the best way! I didn't know what I could achieve until I achieved it and it was a beautiful achievement." Here he is (on left) with his auditor Eric.

Life Repair Auditing

AJ completed Life Repair auditing and says, "Before auditing, my life wasn't going so well. I found out I had many overts and withholds. But lucky for me I had an amazing auditor. We handled everything that need to be handled and more, thanks to Tom. I really think that my life has changed enormously!! I am so grateful that I had him as an auditor."

Learning How to Learn

FC completed the course, Learning How to Learn and says, "I fully understand the course now and see that the last time I studied this, I was a little off. It is now really easy for me to spot misunderstood words and lack of mass.

Friday, June 26, 2009

The mechanism of blame

JH completed the book and lecture course for Handbook for Preclears. She says, "I learned so much from this book and these lectures, especially the lecture about cause on all dynamics and the mechanism of blame. I listen to this daily now, had my son and my husband listen to it and it has changed the whole dynamic for the better! Marvelous data! Thanks to the Mission for providing and to L. Ron Hubbard for discovering!"

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Milestone One Course

MC completed the lecture course on Milestone One. He says, "The data about whole track incidents really validated things I've already seen on my whole track. So excited to see more!"

Monday, June 15, 2009

Handbook for Preclears

JB finished the Handbook for Preclears Book and Lecture Course. He said, "I thought the coolest part of this course was the fact that a person without an auditor could use the book to get processed. But of course there is much great data to use in my life. It was cool. Thanks Ron."

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Join us for our Grand Opening

Join us for our grand opening for our new location on Saturday, June 13th at 3:30. We'll have a ribbon cutting and a party!