Sunday, May 22, 2011

Gaining the Ability to Handle Any Problem

L. J. finished the How to Achieve Self Confidence course. She says: "After completing this course, I feel confident that I can confront any problem and tackle it in an effective manner. I know that the key to happiness is high productivity or industriousness, so I will always try to be industrious."

Applying the Data Brings Good Results

C. O. finished the Formulas for Living course. He had these wins: "I loved this course and learned how to apply conditions in a real way with my business.

I have already been applying the data and can see steady good results."

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Being in Control of Daily Life

J. M. finished the Handbook for Preclears/Life Continuum course. He had these wins: "There are so many mental pitfalls that can happen in daily life. I've just learned more about them. In being more aware, I have more control. Simple!"

Gaining the Ability to Operate with Responsibility

J. H. finished the course Advanced Procedure and Axioms. He had this to say: "I enjoyed this course! One of the key changes I experienced was an expanded ability to operate from a viewpoint of responsibility - this applies to all aspects of life."

Loving Life

R. T. finished the Formulas for Living course. She had these wins: "The Formulas for Living Course helped me recognize I was in a condition of Non-Existence at work because this was a brand new post. I applied the condition by taking my Client to lunch and that raised our Affinity, Reality and Communication. I am suddenly receiving recognition and am known as the go to person to get things done. The acknowledgement is right on time and was noted on my annual review. I received a higher percent than expected. I am headed towards abundance and am loving life more because I see the condition of things and apply the simple steps."