Friday, December 24, 2010

Increasing Awareness

D. W. finished the 1st ACC Lecture Course. She had these wins: "This course was wild beyond belief. Just finishing this course was a win in itself. My awareness keeps coming up on just studying all of this knowledge. I want to keep this up and go as fast as I can on this. When I'm doing stuff, I do it more quickly. I'm going faster."

More in Control of Problems in Life

S. P. finished the How To Get Motivated course. He had this to say about it: "This course was brief but really fun to do. It helped me get some tools to help me become cause and not let problems worry me so much. I feel more in control of some of the problems in my life and am ready to apply this course."

Making Life and Self Better

J. B. finished the Command of Theta course. He said this about it: " I thought this was really cool. There are a lot of interesting things I learned on this course that can be applied to make life better and myself better. It was very cool! Thanks Mr. Hubbard."

Learning How To Develop Self Confidence

L. J. completed the How to Achieve Self Confidence course. She had these wins: "This was a very significant course in my opinion. The wins that I achieved included having a better realization on how I can improve my life. I now understand that self confidence is no mystery and that if I attain the right qualities such as competency, professionalism and self trust, then I can develop my self confidence. The series on professionalism helped me realize that I can and must be a professional in all that I do in order to have the serenity in life which is derived from self confidence. I have a long way to go in terms of realizing my goals but reading through this course has made me more hopeful for the future."