Monday, October 22, 2007

Grade II Auditing Completion

Scientology Expanded Grades consist of a series of auditing processes which restore to the individual specific abilities and lay a strong foundation for more advanced auditing. Expanded Grade II is also called "Relief Release" because the auditing on this level brings relief to a person from the hostilities and sufferings of life. Eric, Mission Executive and Professional Auditor, just completed this Grade and has this to say:
"This was really cool. It really handled a bunch of things for me on the subject of cause: being cause or being an effect. I was able to feel relief from both - things I have caused another and things another has caused me. I also found that I am less afraid to be cause and more willing to be cause. Before I was afraid of what might happen. This was a good grade. I feel lots less withheld to since I cleaned up that area. Thanks to my auditor, my case supervisor and Ron.

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