Thursday, July 03, 2008

Command of Theta course

Donna completed the lecture course for the series Command of Theta. Here is her success:
"The more that I do the Basics in order, the clearer all this data becomes. It's like all this unconsciousness is coming off and I really understand this data. I understand what I'm doing when I create things in my own universe and why it is so important for me to go out and do stuff in the physical universe, the universe I share with others. I also totally got that the doingness cycles are meant to be the fun stuff about living and with what I know about Be, Do and Have, I need to work on the doingness and produce 'stuff' so I got something to exchange so I can do more really fun stuff. Thanks to everyone who helped me here at the Mission and to Ron for all this data in spite of the seemingly impossibility of getting it."

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