Friday, July 03, 2009

Changed viewpoint about life

A person serving time in prison has been studying the Problems of Work book and wrote this to us:
Has this course changed my viewpoint about life? Yes, I believe it has. I've always been fond of work but I like to set my own terms. This course has changed the way I think about work. It has made me more aware of the whole machine and of my part in it. I've learned to look at my part in the work I do as being important, even it at first it doesn't seem so for me. I always believed that work in any form is important to a healthy life and your teschings have reaffirmed that.
I am also more conscious of my surroundings and my spere of influence. I believe that, yes, it has changed my viewpoint on life and my part and purpose in it.
I do believe I conduct myself better when problems arise. Problem solving has become much easier and less confusing when I appy the maxim of the stable datum.
Sincerely, J

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