Thursday, August 09, 2007

Expanded Objectives Program and Advance Program

Objectives are processes that bring a person into better control of his body and surroundings, put him into better communication with his surroundings and other people, and increase his ability to have things for himself. They bring him into the present away from his past problems.
Avalon completed an Expanded Objectives Program and said, "I feel able to be in present time and really be aware of everything around me. Even though I thought that I wouldn't get tons out of this program, I did. And I feel great! :)
Avalon also completed a full Advance Program as well (a program that gets a person fully ready for full progress in further auditing) and had this to say, "I feel more aware and exteriorized on a daily basis. I feel good and I feel that everything before this point on my Bridge is now fully completed. I feel ready to continue on with my Bridge and continue on with having wins that help my life."

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