Monday, May 19, 2008

Fundamentals of Thought

"WOW! What an amazing course! I’ll never be the same. This stuff about valences! Wow! I might be a hundred people in one! And so far from being myself. This is what I’ve been searching for years for: answers, facts and how to go about improving self. And even finding my true self. Can’t wait to find out who I really am! As far as life as a game, amazing! It really is! What a messed up game and character I chose. It’s crazy! All odds were against me. I couldn’t win. Thank god I didn’t die in the process. As far as me, I’m doing great! I feel I have hope now! This Scientology is remarkable. If only everyone knew, and weren’t content with their life or stuck on someone else’s lie. Someone else’s lie that became their truth. If only people would search for their own answers and find out what’s true to them. I’m so proud of myself for not taking anyone’s word for it or spending my life depending on blind faith. My goal always has been to change for the better and to one day be an example and help others! Like you! It must be very rewarding. Thank you for your time, patience and friendship!"

-M.M Fundamentals of Thought Book Course

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