Thursday, May 22, 2008

Scientology Basics

Delancey (shown at right) completed the Science of Survival book and lecture course! Here is her success story: "This course was awesome. It is now real to me exactly how people act at every level of the tone scale. I am confident in my ability to spot people on the scale and now I know which people I want around me and not. It's all about converting entheta to theta and I can apply that to everything I do!"

Donna (at right working on her course) completed Milestone One course and says, "I really understand what we're all trying to do in Scientology and how really possible it is to have a safe and sane planet to live on and how we can do it. I got how important knowledge is and that the more you know about Scientology data, the more it helps you to align other data and use it to conquer the physical universe! Thanks to Ron for all of this and to everyone here who helps me and keeps this mission here for all of us."

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