Friday, March 06, 2009

Basics Book and Lecture Courses

Three students completed book and lecture courses on the Basics.

T.T. finished History of Man and Technique 88 and says, "Just by knowing more of where I've been helps to bring about hope of an understanding of the sources for aberrations held. By also balancing thought, flows and facsimiles will help to improve my tone, bring about more tone and rediscovered ability." D.P. also completed the book course and says, "This was an amazing book! I really learned a lot about why things and people are the way they are and I learned what's really on the whole track! I cannot wait to continue my auditing and handle it all."

D.W. finished Dianetics 55 and Unification Congress and says, "I feel like I have a much, much better understanding of communication and what I can do with it. I know how to get out of trouble with it by using it - if I get into trouble by communicatiing. Also I have a way to restore some former abilities by using it too - so that's really, really useful."

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