Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Entire Basics Books and Lectures Courses

D.W. completed the Fundamentals of Thought and Professional Course book and lecture course. She says, "This is the last of the book and lecture courses so just getting through all of these is a win for me. The biggest win is just my understanding of Dianetics and Scientology. But, I wouldn't have gotten this understanding if I hadn't done these in sequence - what a difference that makes. There're definitely things that I can apply in controlling communication cycles and in handling people with communication alone. I understand so much more about the reactive mind, about facsililes and how they follow electronic phenomena, about games and how a thetn creates mysteries for himself by not-knowing and so gets himself stuck. I just know more as a preclear and what an auditor is trying to do in session. I know about how much trouble thetans get into with agreements and I know that once a thetan can take over the automaticity of his facsimiles, he's in control of them and it doesn't matter if they're erased or not. Thanks to everyone here who keeps this place here and to Ron for all of this data - the books AND the lectures are so important to my understanding of all of this."

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