Thursday, March 13, 2008

Donna completes all the Basic Book Courses

Here's Donna's success story: "I’m not really sure where to begin on this. It’s a really great accomplishment for me to have gotten through all of the extension courses. I’m one of those people who almost never goes to course. Of course, I had great excuses like I’m a staff member and there is always lots and lots to do on post.

But this time around I got really interested. Reading these Basics in the right sequence gave me all of the data that I had been missing. I found out that you can’t get through courses by doing one page every three weeks or worse. You have to go and study alot and go as fast as you can. I feel like I was getting into present time on the Dianetics® and Scientology® time line. I would be still in the “past” if I hadn’t gone through all of these books and I still need to listen to all of the lectures now too, so that I have all of the data.

There’s a lot more too - like the tremendous way in which studying all this data in sequence helps understanding. I feel like was right there with Ron as he is working out all the ways this all works and how it all fits together. I’ve listened to a lot of the lectures and read books before, but I skipped around all over the place and never did read stuff in sequence before. It’s all making a lot more sense now."

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