Saturday, March 15, 2008

Expanded Grade IV Completion

Mark has just completed Expanded Grade IV, Ability Release. The auditing processes of this Grade enable the person to view himself in relation to all life and free himself from any patterns of thought and action which, while seeming to promote one's survival, in reality, do any but. When one moves out of fixed conditions, he can experience a huge resurgence in the ability to choose, partake in and enjoy new activities. Moving out of fixed conditions and being able to do other things is attained at Expanded Grade IV. Here is Mark's success story:
"I just have to say that all the Grades were awesome, especially Grade IV. I knew that this Grade would handle a lot of considerations that were limiting me in my ability to live life with others. And it has! I just had to put my attention in the right places. The Hubbard Guidance Center has been great at taking me through this. It's been an adventurous journey from the start and I am confident and certain about whatever the future holds for me and the rest of my trip across the Bridge. I look forward to confronting the remains of the reactive mind and handling it for good! I have has so many gains in Scientology the past 2 years and I look forward to (and can barely imagine) what surprises are in store for me. Thanks again to the Palo Alto Mission, the Hubbard® Guidance Center and my auditor Eric Z for delivering 100% standard tech and giving me the opportunity to experience what L. Ron Hubbard has been trying to show all of mankind."

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