Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Family Wins with Scientology

Two sisters and a brother are all doing Scientology services at the Palo Alto Mission this summer. All three of them completed a different service today.
D.P. finished the book and lecture course for Advanced Procedure and Axioms/Thought Emotion and Effort. She said, "I loved this course! I learned how important it is to make life a game and to not be serious. I also am now able to be more at cause over all eight of my dynamics due to the knowledge I gained."
S.P. finished the book and lecture course for Science of Survival and said, "I'm really excited to hae finally finished this course because it has such good data in it that is applicable to daily life. Now that I'm going to college all the variety of tones at school will be fun to spot. I feel confident that I will be able to take their characteristics on certain columns and therefore know more about their overall ton."
A.P. completed a Confessional Auditing Action and said, "This was amazing! I feel so much better about myself and other areas of my life. I feel very clean. I really enjoyed doing this confessional and handling everything that came up."

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Vikki said...

What a nice family story. It's nice to see happy teenagers who feel they can handle life and have a purpose.